Protecting your home and your family – is a dog right for the job?

Protecting your home and your family – is a dog right for the job?

When it comes to keeping your family and your property safe, many turn to man’s best friend but there are various advantages and disadvantages to this.

We are going to consider these today and hopefully enable you to make the right decision. We care a great deal about dogs and their welfare and we believe that by providing you with all the information and enabling you to choose wisely, it will help prevent many animals being mistreated in the future because it ensures a dog is the right choice for your needs.


  • Effective Deterrent – dogs are a very visible deterrent to intruders who are scouting out your property for a burglarly.
  • They stay alert naturally – unlike a security system which you need to remember to activate, a guard dog remains alert, naturally, at all times. Try creeping past a sleeping dog!
  • Physical protection – unlike many other options for security deterrents, a guard dog offers physical protection for you and your family. A security system may alert you to a potential intruder but a dog can act as your last line of defence if the situation becomes that serious.


  • Training can lead to over-aggression – there is a chance that training a dog to detect, deter and prevent intruders will lead to your beloved pet becoming overly aggressive something which isn’t necessarily good for the welfare and mental wellbeing of the dog.
  • Will the dog turn on you? – there is a real risk that even a highly trained dog could have a lapse in its own judgement and turn on you the owner or a member of your family. This not only has serious consequences for you or the individual that is injured but it could result in the dog losing its own life.
  • Risk of legal liability – An overly aggressive guard dog could well cause serious injury to another person even if they perhaps aren’t a burglar. There are often news stories of individuals getting seriously injured by dogs and this not only gives rise to a legal claim against the owner, you have that kind of serious situation on your conscience not to mention the poor individual that ends up injured.
  • The expense – the cost of getting, training and caring for a guard dog can be significant over their lifetime.


In summary, there are probably many other far more effective methods of protecting your home that will be cheaper, easier and more effective in the longer term.

Dogs are better as pets, in most cases (should the need arise) they will do a far better job protecting your family out of instinct than as a result of intensive training.