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A Happy Dog Makes A Happy Owner!

Our Story

We are dog lovers who want to share our experience of dogs, and their life next to us. One of our goals is to help new dog owners with some of the problems they might encounter when interacting with a puppy or a grown dog for the first time. We will talk about different breeds and how to choose the one that best suits you. Also, we will be talking about dogs in general, some of the health problems they might have and the best way to address them.   


Most Common Dogs Health Problems

Our lifetime companions often suffer from some simple ailments that could easily be treated if we pay attention to their behavior and general outlook. These are some things you should look out for: ear infection (always clean your pet’s ears, especially if they are big and floppy), internal parasites (regularly use antiparasitic), flees (check their hair for flees), heat shock (keep them cool), vomiting (is normal if it doesn’t occur frequently).

How to Buy a Dog

These are some things you should look out for when you want to buy a puppy.

Find a Responsible Breeder

Always look for someone that has years of experience and has a registered breeding facility. This can also give you a chance to meet the parents and see how your puppy will look when it grows up.

Research the Breed you want to Buy

Never buy a dog just because he looks esthetically nice to you. Every breed has their own characteristics, and you should check if the character of the dog goes with your lifestyle.

Know what’s Expected of you as an Owner

Check how often you need to feed your friend, and in what period of their development do you need to give them supplements. Also, check with your veterinary how often do you need to vaccinate him, and for what. if you are an absolute beginner we recommend that you check out

Try to Adopt

There are a lot of puppies that are mixed breed and in need of a home. Adopting is a great way to find that unique pet, and to give someone a home.

Great Things About Dogs

Our canine companions have been beside our legs for well over fifteen thousand years. Some scientist says that our collaboration with dogs has positively influenced our evolution because we stimulate the production of oxytocin in each other. They are our companions, helpers, and saviors of human lives. They are here to hear what we cannot and to smell what we never have, and they offer themselves selfishly every day. Truly mans best friend.

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