Essential Equipment for New Dog Owners

Dogs, and especially young puppies can sometimes be a hand full if you are not prepared in the right way. We want to talk about the things you need in order to help you get your affairs in order before embarking on the adventure of dog ownership.


Before buying a puppy thin about whether you want him to sleep inside or outside. This is important because it will play a role in the type of bedding you are going to get them. In any case, we recommend that you get something for the inside in the first few months before the puppy grows up a bit. Many people are praising the synthetic sheepskin called the “vet bed”.

vet bed

Other House Utilities

Prepare a bowl, one for food and another for water, and make sure you have special towels prepared for drying down their fur on rainy and snow days.

Grooming Equipment and Cosmetics

GROOMING EQUIPMENT AND COSMETICSGet a dog hair brush, especially if you have a long-haired breed. In certain periods of the year they will throw off their fur and if you don’t start coming it out on time you will have small hairs all over your house and your clothes. This also helps keep the dog’s hygiene level and prevents dead hear and skin to accumulate in one place and cause skin problems. Find a good PH neutral soap for puppies and use it no more than once a month. If you have the money you can take your pet to a dog salon and have a professional take care of everything. Regular fur cuts are a good way to keep the hairs away from you, and to keep your dog cool over the summer.

For the Outside

 identity discFirst get a training leash, so it will be easier to teach your pet how to walk with one. Also, get him an identity disc, or just tag him with a chip so you can easily be contacted if someone finds him. Remember some breeds make people feel unsafe in their presence, so make sure to buy a leash that is best suited for controlling your dog, if the need should arise. Cary litter bags with you, all the time. You don’t want to be one of those people who leave dog excrement laying around.

Before taking your dog out of the house, check that it has gotten all the vaccines it should have. There are lots of diseases that can seriously and lethally harm your puppy. Wait for the period you are supposed to, so their immunity can build up, and then after everything is as it should be you can take him out.

Get lots of Toys

Dogs are hyperactive animals, this is one of the reasons they are such good companions to us. This means that they always need stimulation and play, make sure they get enough of it. This is one of the ways you can ensure that they will behave nicely and won’t make a lot of trouble. They are extremely hyperactive when they are young, so be ready for a lot of adventures, and remember for a puppy anything can be a toy.